[PD] Getting (not pure) data over the internet

IOhannes m zmölnig zmoelnig at iem.at
Fri Mar 23 12:36:55 CET 2007

Martin Peach wrote:
> Umm, isn't the local port always 80 for http, and the remote and local 

no, who told you that?
on most operating system you will need special privileges to open a 
local port below 1024.

> port numbers always identical for tcp?

no, who told you that?
only the remote (server) port is fixed.
the client usually chooses any free port (in the high range).

> Anyway, [tcpclient] lets you do the important CRLF combo which 
> [netclient] won't, and any http-compliant web server will not reply 
> until it gets that.

you can add CRLF with [netclient] as well, but it is far more 
complicated than with [tcpclient].
on the other side, it is more complicated to generate your query and 
interpret the response with [tcpclient]


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