[PD] munger1~ binary for ppc

Ivica Ico Bukvic ico.bukvic at gmail.com
Sat Mar 24 22:16:49 CET 2007

Excellent work Kevin!

Actually we have another, more cleaned-up version of the code (see
attached), so if you could build that one also and then forward me the
binary, then I'll include it in the next release. FWIW, there is no
"behavioral" difference for the object but it has a cleaner implementation
of some of the routines and therefore it is theoretically more stable (even
though I have yet to experience any instabilities of the previous
implementation). Simply replace the old cpp file with this one.

Regarding the messy help file, I agree. But that's why I said in the first
place that this is the "Swiss-Army-knife" of granular synthesis ;-)


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> Subject: munger1~ binary for ppc
> Hello all,
> I finally got compilation of munger~ to work under OS X 10.4 on an
> iMac G5 against pd 0.39-2.  I've attached the binary in another email
> to Ico, and if I recall correctly he said he would start to include it
> with the munger source.  Of course you can email me for it as well.
> Thomas and Ico, what I needed to do was copy the libstk.a file to my
> lib... I did not know about this file because STK's documentation says
> nothing about what it produces when you compile it, much to the
> frustration of beginners like myself!!  When I read Thomas' new and
> improved flext documentation (very easy to understand) I knew what
> needed to be done, and everything went very smoothly!
> Ico, thanks for all your work in porting this, it sounds *wonderful*
> and I am going to get started today on making a GOP abstraction to
> control it.  This has been my "most-wanted-external" for a while now.
> The help patch, as was mentioned, is... well... dense and
> intimidating, but still usable.  Maybe we can work together on a
> simplified version if you are interested.
> Damn I'm excited,
> Kevin
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