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On 3/27/07, adam armfield <adamairmailed at yahoo.com> wrote:
> >Something I feel very strongly about though, are
> there
> >still 'licensing issues' with Csound or has it shaken
> >off
> >all it's encumberances and become a totally free OS
> >codebase?
> ----------------------
> i heard john ffitch (head csound bloke, and a
> professor at bath uni) do a talk a couple of years
> back, he said that after long discussions with mit, it
> is open source now, they did a total rewrite for the
> latest version i think, whether this means it's
> totally totally OS is of course another matter ;-)

It is LGPL - see below!

Full text at : https://www.bek.no/pipermail/csoundtekno/2003-May/001105.html

"CsndTek] The New MIT Public Csound License
Dr. Richard Boulanger csoundtekno at plot.bek.no
Fri, 9 May 2003 22:58:21 -0400

Dear Csounders,


Over the past year, the licence "issue" has occupied a lot of the time
and energy of the core Csound Developers.  In fact, we have lost some
great talent because of their frustration with certain clauses.  So,  I
decided to do something about it.  I asked the key Csound developers
(and the csound~ developer) to tell me how they were using Csound; how
they wanted to use Csound; what problems they had with the 1986/1992
license; what the 1986/92 license prevented them from doing; and most
importantly what specific wording or phrases they would like to see
changed in the license that would allow them to do what they wanted.  I
collected, organized and elaborated on all this material plus added in
excerpts from the Csound mailing list discussions over the years and
prepared a report and request for Barry.  "Can we meet and talk about
the license?"   "Can we meet with the MIT Lawyers and get them to
clarify the license?"


Before leaving the meeting, the MIT Lawyers authorized me to contact
John ffitch and ask him to change the Public Csound License to GNU LGPL
and to contact all the opcode contributers and encourage them to do the


For now, take a look at the attachments.  As of May 1, 2003, this IS
the New Public Csound License.  I hope that you will be happy with ALL
the clarification, and ALL the freedom that it brings.  My dream - that
Csound support will be added to all the major commercial sequencing and
recording programs, that Csound derived plug-ins and audio-units will
spring up everywhere, that Csound instruments will compile as VST, DXI,
and Audio Units!  And that the core of Public Csound, the engine
itself, will radically change so that it supports plug-in opcodes
contributed by more and more of you.  I think that you can legally do
all of this and more now that Barry Vercoe and the Licensing office of
MIT have set Csound "free" under the LGPL.

Dr. B."

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