[PD] accuracy of signal/message-objects

IOhannes m zmoelnig zmoelnig at iem.at
Mon May 7 12:58:41 CEST 2007

Roman Haefeli wrote:
> i made a little vsnapshot~ test patch. it seems that [vsnapshot~] is not
> working as expected, though it definitely gives other results than
> [snapshot~].

i think it is working as expected but there are 2 things to bear in mind:

> one issue might be introduced by the rounding error of floats. the other
> i cannot explain. vsnapshot~ seems to pick sometimes the wrong value.

[vline~] and [vsnapshot~] do not work exactly alike, because of this
vexed causality....

when you send a message to [vline~] it is scheduled to the next
dsp-block (sample accurateley); the last one is already done
when you send a message to [vsnapshot~] it operates on the last
dsp-block; the next one does not yet exist

this is somehow logical: when you query [vsnapshot~] you do want the
result immediately (because that's the way how messages are handled in
pd); the only result it can give you, is that of already known samples.

the only way to overcome this, is by delaying the sampling bang by one

the other thing with the "irregularities" is simpler:
even when messages have "sub-sample" accuracy, the signal-vectors are
only sample-accurate.
so when you read the sample-values of a sawtooth immediately after the
jump, you will always get different values unless the frequency of your
ugen is "in sync" with your samplerate.
see also: shannon's sampling theorem

attached is a modified patch

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