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Derek Holzer derek at umatic.nl
Mon May 7 19:09:54 CEST 2007

Test patch attached... see the [wraparound~] subpatch for the part which 
doesn't work yet!


Derek Holzer wrote:
> I tried this already, and it's not appropriate in this case. The idea is 
> to change the start of the loop to any place in the sample. If the 
> length of the loop is longer than what's left of the sample in the 
> table, currently I get silence. If I use [wrap~] the way you describe 
> it, the loop I select always starts at the beginning of the table, 
> because [wrap~] returns the percentage of the table I have "overshot".
> I need a solution where, if the table is 100 places long, I can loop 
> from 95 back around to 25 if need be. Which is what my theoretical 
> [mod~] would do. But I simply can't "wrap" my head around how to 
> construct it. Your [wrap~] solution seems to return a loop starting at 0 
> which is 30 units long instead.
> best,
> d.
> IOhannes m zmoelnig wrote:
>> Derek Holzer wrote:
>>> end of the table)? [wrap~] doesn't do the trick, BTW.
>> i am sure it does.
>> try scaling the signal before sending it to [wrap~] and afterwards undo
>> the scaling.
>> [/~ 100]
>> |
>> [wrap~]
>> |
>> [*~ 100]
>> mfa.sdr
>> IOhannes

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