[PD] teaching PD at a distance

marius schebella marius.schebella at gmail.com
Mon May 14 22:33:48 CEST 2007


I have some expierience now with video conferencing for classes, with 
both teachers and students online. I would like to share my experiences, 
but sinsce we were using mac's ichat and did not vnc a screencapture I 
am not sure if that is of interest for you.
we never had more that 4 parties involved, since the core class still 
was gathering at one place. students were using a group chat, but the 
"teacher" was not actively chatting only sometimes posting a link.
anyway the sound and video quality was quite good...

files (patches) should be prepared online, downloadable and run locally.
I think it is very hard to manage the backflow information, like when 
people are patching locally and run into problems. you could use 
screenshots for that or a webcam on a cable, but both is only a hack. I 
don't know if it is possible to integrate a vnc kind of screen video 
into a skype or ichat session, anyway that would be a way to go...

how many people do you want to be in such a remote teaching session?


darsha hewitt wrote:
> Hi guys,
> Anyone here ever teach pd or other FOSS programmes remotely?
> Aalex and I are working on a pilot project with two artist-run centres 
> in Canada to see what works best for teaching pd at a distance.
> We have had one in person session with the students (who are mainly 
> visual artists) and we are now under way with the remote part of it 
> all.  We have set up an irc channel (#pd-prairies), a mailing list 
> (pd-prairies at lists.artengine.ca <mailto:pd-prairies at lists.artengine.ca> 
> )and we are having them contribute to a wiki (all of which they seem 
> relatively to be comfortable with). 
> Anyone here ever use any FOSS software to facilitate teaching/ learning 
> at a distance?  We turned to skype for the first remote session but 
> obviously ran into issues with the we visual side of things (we ended up 
> sounding like robots when the web cam was in use so in the end we only 
> used voice...collective blind patching is an interesting experience ;-)
> We will be writing a report at the end of the project for those of you 
> who are interested.
> Kindly,
> Darsha
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