[PD] wiiremote: working binaries for mac/intel ?

Maik Hester maik.hester at gmx.de
Tue May 15 23:22:15 CEST 2007


i'm just tryin' to get my wiimote running with pd (pd 0.40-2 extended) 
... i've tried the external (wiiremote.pd_darwin) posted earlier on the 
list but it doesn't work  ... there seem to be two problems (when using 
the help_wiiremote.pd) ...

1. pd tells me that i've got the wrong architecture
2. The "io" library in the import object is not found ... (maybe the
"hidio" library ? i don't know....)

do i have to compile it myself (actually never done that on a mac...) 
... or is there a working binary or am i doing something wrong and don't 
notice ??


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