[PD] pix_multiblob cpu usage

Tim Boykett tim at timesup.org
Wed May 16 11:19:22 CEST 2007

chris, are you using it on OSX? Was it hard to compile?

I am trying to stick with the autobuilds and installers from .hc  
because I
want to be using the same system that colleagues, students, etc can
use without major compilation hassles. Is it likely that we can get
this into the standard GEM build, or are there reasons not to?



On 15/05/2007, at 6:34 PM, chris clepper wrote:

> pix_artoolkit builds and appears to run.  I have no idea how to  
> effectively use it though.
> On 5/15/07, Tim Boykett < tim at timesup.org> wrote:
> wiouw!
> pix_artoolkit would be very cool. I have seen some of the ARtoolKit
> stuff and
> it looks good. I am currently in OSX land, does anyone know whether
> the building of pix_artoolkit for OSX can be done?
> chrz,
> tm

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