[PD] mp3cast~ low latency

Richard Lewis richardlewis at fastmail.co.uk
Mon May 14 17:58:34 CEST 2007

Hello PD-list,

I'm still working on my mp3cast~ project :-)

The final problem (I hope) is that I experience quite considerable latency on 
the client-side of around 10-12 seconds. The application is supposed to be 
real-time so this latency is quite a problem.

A colleague suggested that it could be Icecast using a fixed size buffer. I 
had a look through the Icecast source code but couldn't find anything 
hopeful. So I put a message on the Icecast forum and was told to try reducing 
the burst-on-connect size to 0. I did this and it didn't seem make any 

Of course, buffering could be the problem, but there are four places where 
buffering could occur: 1) in the client media streamer; 2) in the streaming 
server output; 3) in the streaming server source/input; and 4) in the source 
encoding (in this case, mp3cast~).

I've made some attempts at checking cases 2 and 3. 4 is problematic in that I 
can't control what a user's client does. (I can provide documentation, 

So I'm trying to check case 4. Google returns four or five hits for "mp3cast~ 
buffering", one of which is one my previous posts to this list!

Does anyone know how mp3cast~ buffering is controlled and if it is 
configurable either by a setting or source code hack?

Richard Lewis
JID: ironchicken at jabber.earth.li

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