[PD] pix_record frames per second and again cpu-performance

moritz erstens at gmx.ch
Thu May 31 17:22:38 CEST 2007

hello list

two questions about pix_record:

i render out some movieclips with pix_record. the Gem-render is 15 
frames per second, but when i play it with mplayer it says it plays 20 
frames per second. I have to force mplayer to play it 15 frames per 
second. can i give pix_record an argument that it should only record 15 
fps? or is it just an mplayer affair?

second question:
i want to record different geos, so i have to pix_snap every frame and 
then go into pix_record. i think pix_snap is very cpu intensive, 
sometimes pd crashes. Is there another solution to record the Gemwindow 
that do not cost that much cpu power?



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