[PD] Shader for 3d flattening

Patco megalegoland at yahoo.fr
Mon Jul 9 12:48:48 CEST 2007

maciej wojnicki a écrit :
> well no
> pix_snap will not do this
> pix_snap2tex as well
> in both situation raw rendered object is still in the gem window
> gemframebuffer might do this (there is an exaple .in textures catalog 
> - 10.framebuffer.pd, that does almost what i need)
 I guess you mean 10.pixdatasimple.pd in Gem pix example, if what you 
need is something that is not in single buffering, you'll need 
[Gem/pix_data] as well for extracting RGB information to redraw the 
image with colored geos [zexy/repeat], at least that what I need for 
animating the pixels. You can use some RGB filters, for example, at the 
output of pix_data a filter that only allow red or green, then it would 
reduce the number of repeated objects, and it might avoid to blow up the 
processor. for reducing the cpu process it's also possible to store 
pixel values in a table and reading different parts of the table with 
several [repeat] and [counter] objects, If you want to see how it looks 
like, take a look at this movie:

and you might have somewhere to start with this:


 Apparently is also possible to reduce the CPU processing with using the 
gl objects, like Cyrille Henry have shown once(, but I couldn't help 
with this because almost all gl doesn't work on my computers, on linux, 
windows, with a Nvidia, an openchrome, with last cvs snapshots...).

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