[PD] puredata system architecture

Mathieu Bouchard matju at artengine.ca
Tue Jul 17 16:26:25 CEST 2007

On Tue, 17 Jul 2007, tommaso bianco wrote:

> --- FTS --- Documentation
> Hi I think this site-documentation could be very useful:
> http://ccrma.stanford.edu/guides/package/jmax/fts/index.html

It's documentation about jMax&FTS 1.5; I've only ever used version >= 2.4 
and mostly just 2.5.1. You can find version 4.1 somewhere on SourceForge, 
but after 2.5.1 it went berserk because the project was turned on its head 
and all we've got were previews of FTM under the name FTS, while 
compatibility was broken and some major features as well.

FTM has now been known as a library for Max/MSP.

I have some additional information about FTM but I cannot disclose it.
(Even though I've never worked at IRCAM !)

So, do you find it strange that you get documentation labeled "1.5" in a 
package labeled... what's that package anyway? Go up one folder level and 
it suggests that it's 2.4.5, but I've only used 2.4.5 for mere months and 
spent almost three years on 2.5.1.

(Going up two folders suggests that those pages might actually come from 
an *early* version of PlanetCCRMA dated 2000; FTS 2.5 was only released in 

Actually, the FTS 1.5 documentation might have been most of what we had 
back then, except for the source code...

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