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matohawk matohawk at gmail.com
Wed Jul 18 19:21:38 CEST 2007

Aide Auditive : First Album made with Pure Data and free software on Linux.

Implant Cochléaire
Synthesis of a two years collaboration in electronics Live style, it is 
a mix of Matohawk's noise experimentations and Mysth-R's down tempo rythms.

About Aide Auditive :
We met at the University and for the last two years we developed a 
configuration to play "live" (in real time). Matohawk usually plays with 
Pure Data connecting various controllers such as game pad, keyboard, or 
a dance mat, and he creates his own patches. Mysth-R uses Linux, and a 
set of dedicated softwares to make real time performances (FreeWheeling, 
TerminatorX, ZynaddsubFX, Specimen, Tranches,...). Most of the tracks 
proposed on Implant Cochléaire are excerpts from Real Time performances, 
made during rehearsal and concerts.

Links :
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Contact : aide.auditive at free.fr

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