[PD] GEM installation OS 10.3.9 "how do I do it?"

IOhannes m zmoelnig zmoelnig at iem.at
Tue Jul 24 10:36:16 CEST 2007

hi again.

i forward this email also to the pd-list, so it gets archived.
most of the time it is better to keep conversation on the list (after
all the list is the communciation medium not just a way to get in touch
with people who might know the answer to your problem)

Daniel Zajicek wrote:
> IOhannes,
> Thanks for responding so quickly.

> I have attached an image of what pd-extended creates for me instead
> of creating an object box.

sorry, but whats wrong with that?
whenever you create an object it will initially be empty (therefore it
is dashed). you will have to type the name of the object into it (the
cursor should be within the object after you created it, so you can
start typing right away).

there is no "object browser" as in max (if you are familiar with that)

> Okay, for starters I couldn't locate a Gem.pd_darwin file except
> inside the contents of pd-extended. The GEM that I downloaded (0.90.0)
> contained a similar name on a folder "Gem_darwin.pbproj." Because I
> wasn't sure it that difference in name would cause problems, I tried
> placing the Gem.pd_darwin from my pd-extended into the extra folder of
> pd 40-2, and then ran one of the example patches from the GEM that I
> downloaded and got errors trying to do stuff.

well, Gem_darwin.pbproj is _just_ the metainformation for the
projectbuilder to build (compile!) Gem, it is _not_ the library

i don't know where you downloaded Gem, but the "all platforms packages"
on gem.iem.at are _sources_ (or documentation) only, there are no
binaries for any platform!

you will have to download the os-x packages (e.g. there is a
binaries-only package which will give you Gem.pd_darwin (and nothing

> On the puredata.org website it claims that there is an on x installer
> for GEM, but I could never locate it. 

where exactly on the puredata.info website?
information tends to scatter and sometimes it is not updated correctly...

> Sorry for my limited knowledge,

no problem, that is why we are here.

> and I will take the time to read through the manual more thoroughly.

nevertheless a good idea :-)


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