[PD] $0 in messages (was: Re: difference send and using msg with "; ")

Matteo Sisti Sette matteo.sistisette at email.it
Thu Aug 16 20:04:19 CEST 2007

marius schebella wrote:

> it is a pity that there is no $0 in messages. that would help so much!

> I use local send/receive like s $0-blabla. with
> messages you always have to mess with workaounds to achieve the same 
> result.
> marius.

Yeah, and the very same happens when you use [send/receive $1-blabla] and 
you need to change it into a message box.

I personally think it is a pitty that message boxes use $'s with a different 
meaning than objects; it would be far more elegant (in my opinion obviously) 
if message-arguments used a different symbol, and if the $n in a message box 
referred to the n-th argument of the patch, not the message; that would 
include $0.
That's how max works (if I'm not confused), where I think # refers to patch 
creation arguments and $ refers to message arguments (though probably max 
doesn't have a #0, does it?)

That's the ONLY one thing I like more in max than in PD... up to now.

The only way of introducing such a facility without breaking 
backward-compatibility (or is it forward?), would be to introduce a "third" 
symbol, say "@" (well it should be one that is currently not allowed in 
messages): @n if used inside a message, would refer to the "$n" of the patch 
(including @0), and outside a message box, i.e. in an object, it would be a 
synonim of $n.

Is this nonsense?


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