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Carlos Caires ccaires at porto.ucp.pt
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No, not at all...I have no problems with the amount of information.
The problem is that, for a certain purpose, a need the "element 10" open for a period of time and "close" for another period. That is to say, I want to create limits to some key events. Let say that I have a [metro 1000] plus a [counter 360], between 100 and 200 the element 10 is opened, otherwise it is closed. Do you see any way to make this work within the HID object?

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I haven't seen it. But since you use [route] to filter the output data, 
I don't see why this would be necessary. Unless "element 10" is simply 
flooding you with too much information. But that usually only causes 
problems when the data is printed to the PD window. Use "debug 0" to 
turn off the printed messages and then [hid] will use a lot less CPU.


Carlos Caires wrote:
> Hi all,
> I´m working around with the [HID] object, and I can´t see any way to 
> ignore a particular event key....(as in  Max/MSP with the HI object 
> where we can send an [ignore( message to any element e.g. [ignore 10( 
> don´t output data from element 10).
> Is the any similar message for the HID object?

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