[PD] changing the look of Pd to be more readable

Hans-Christoph Steiner hans at eds.org
Sun Nov 4 17:21:57 CET 2007

On Nov 4, 2007, at 12:25 AM, Luke Iannini (pd) wrote:

> DesireData has much more substantial and interesting changes than  
> the colors and backgrounds.  it is also, unfortunately, not at a  
> fully usable state yet.  Since there were 50,000+ downloads of the  
> previous version of Pd-extended ( 0.38.4), I think it's worthwhile  
> to spend a couple days to make Pd-extended work better while we are  
> waiting for DesireData.
> .hc
> Sorry, I hope my tone was not discouraging; I most certainly  
> support this.
> It would be cool if you could document your changes, since I'd be  
> interested in helping out.
> http://puredata.info/dev/GuiIdeas/
> (I added some of the things from this thread just now)
> By the way, Monaco on Leopard is rendering anti-aliased at 10pt  
> again, so Pd-e looks great there out of the box.

Here's the patch with the changes that I made, there is a section in  
u_main.tk (aka pd.tk) that lists the colors that you can configure:


If anyone is interested in working on the Pd GUI, a good place to  
start is the various panels.  I played a bit with this GUI builder  
thing, it's quite handy.  It's a bit buggy, but useful, and available  
on GNU/Linux, Windows, and Mac OS X.


The app is a little weird to run on Mac.  First download this file,  
Then if you add ".command" to the end of it, you can run it by  
doubleclicking.  You also have to set it as executable.


Basically, if you are interest in improving the GUI, you could use it  
to remake some of the panels.  The IEMGUI panels are quite hard to  
modify, but the Pd ones are easy, so try some of these:

find panel
send panel
text editor
array panel
canvas/GOP panel
Pd window	
all four preferences panes

Avoid BWidget and Iwidgets since those aren't currently included in  
Pd's Tcl/Tk.



Computer science is no more related to the computer than astronomy is  
related to the telescope.      -Edsger Dykstra

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