[PD] [declare] trouble

Roman Haefeli reduzierer at yahoo.de
Thu Nov 8 21:34:50 CET 2007

hi robbert

you're question is not silly at all, since there seems to be no
help-file anymore at all, that could be consulted. 

iirc, the '-path' option adds a path, that could be specified relatively
to the patch, that holds the [declare]. as i understand it, it can be
used for projects, that have a structure like this:


with a [declare -path directory -path otherdirectory] in mainpatch.pd it
is easy to distribute the whole project and it will work everywhere
without havin to modify the pd-settingsfile. and unlike a path from the
pd-settings, the classes [someabstraction] and [moreabstractions] are
only available in mainpatch.pd (which means: pathes added by [declare]
don't add pathes to pd's searchpathes in general, but only to the
patch's searchpathes)

 - it is basically the same

the option '-stdpath' does add pathes relative to 'Pd' (whatever this
means). as far as i understand, you can use it to add a directory from
extra to the patch's searchpathes. this could be practical, if you have
two different patches open, and one uses [counter] from 'extra/cyclone'
and the other uses a [counter] from 'extra/<i_dont_know>'.

  - it is basically the same, as you would create [cyclone/counter] and

when specifying absolute pathes, '-stdpath' and '-path' shouldn't make
any difference, afaik. 

afaik, it is the same with '-stdlib' and '-lib', but in this case the
classes are loaded for all patches, not only for the one, that holds the

however, there seem to be a bug with '-stdpath' on os x. 


On Thu, 2007-11-08 at 20:49 +0100, robbert van hulzen wrote:
> can i ask a silly question? what's the difference between -path and
> -stdpath? -path just uses that path once? in any case, i didn't get that to
> work either--and from previous posts, it seems other people did. or not on
> osx?
> however, i sorted things out with the prefs file, so i guess i won't need
> [declare], not at the moment.
> cheers, robbert
> "Roman Haefeli" <reduzierer at yahoo.de> wrote:
> > after all the talk how the preferences file on OS X works, this issue
> > remains unresolved.
> > 
> > sorry to nag with this, but there is no point in having an object and
> > not knowing how it works. did ANY OS X user ever manage to use the flag
> > '-stdpath' for the object [declare] in order to add a directory from
> > extra to pd's searchpathes?
> >

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