[PD] pix_video: composite or Firewire ?

Jaime Oliver jaime.oliver2 at gmail.com
Fri Nov 16 05:23:50 CET 2007

I think your problem may not be in the driver but in the fact that you
are using DV which compresses both at the camera and in your computer
bus... (i believe...) I am also looking for the best (and cheapest)
solution for latency. you should check uncompressed firewire options.

The conexant 878 chip seems to be the fastest one that i've tried so
far to capture analog video. it's a 20$ PCI tv tuner


On 11/15/07, Olivier Heinry <olivier.heinry at manga-burgah.net> wrote:
> Le jeudi 15 novembre 2007 à 18:47 -0500, Alexandre Quessy a écrit :
> > Hi all,
> > Preparing one more Gem video perf with circus. :) (the 4th!)
> >
> > I didn't like much using Firewire (ieee1394) under GNU/Linux, since
> > the driver is pretty slow.
> > What would you guys recommend, if I want to use a nice miniDV camera ?
> > It could either be a composite (BNC cable) capture card under
> > GNU/Linux or the Firewire uner Mac OS X.
>  I've got a conexant BTxxx capture chip on a PCI board. I think the
> problem of the analog capture card its the poorer image quality than
> Firewire. And delay is quite noticeable to my opinion even on a linux
> box.
> >
> > I think that the BNC cable is more flexible an easier to handle than
> > the Firewire. It can also be very long, and that suits my needs, since
> > it gives more flexibility to the cameraman.
> There is  also the firewire over optic fibre solutions: one of the dance
> companies Iw ork with purchased one, and it has an excellent image
> quality and very low delay over a 100m fiber. The fiber is actually more
> flexible than a cooper coax cable and a lot lighter. The prob with BNC
> is the weight of the cable itself which tends to damage  the
> camera/peripheral connectors after a while.
> See  http://www.kramerelectronics.com/indexes/item.asp?name=648 for one
> of the cheapest FW over optic fibre solutions around in France.
> ++
> O.
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