[PD] performance on osX

cyrille henry cyrille.henry at la-kitchen.fr
Thu Nov 22 23:43:09 CET 2007

Derek Holzer a écrit :
> Hi Cyrille,
> cyrille henry wrote:
>> Derek : do you know if this performance problem happend only with pd, or 
>> also with other software?
> I didn't take a lot of time to benchmark different applications between 
> the two platforms, although I did spend about 3 months (2 years ago) 
> seeing how much stuff from the Linux Audio world was or could be ported 
> to OSX. I use Ardour quite frequently without noticing a big loss of 
> performance from Linux to OSX. But you have to keep in mind how big and 
> bloated the Aqua/OSX desktop manager is!!! I'm sure it can account for a 
> lot of overhead. But I still saw PD running a surprising amount slower 
> than on Linux.
> I use JACK almost always on OSX with PD (when I use it on OSX at all), 
> and still the speed is quite poor. I'm fairly positive it has to do with 
> whether Aqua handles the graphical interface or not. All those brushed 
> chrome windows and colorful spinning widgets sure are expensive! Maybe 
> do comparisons with "--nogui"? (Although for GEM patches this wouldn't 
> help much would it?)
> But in general, I've lost interest in using up valuable 
> working/performing/recording time in debugging things. I keep a Linux 
> partition on my laptop for PD live sets, sound editing in ReZound and 
> heavy-duty Ardour/Jamin recording/mastering work these days, and do my 
> day-to-day computer business under OS X. That seems like a working 
> solution for me.
> Sorry not be more helpful...
this is very helpful : it mean i will not buy a mac for the next years...


> best,
> d.

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