[PD] arduino pd os x bluetooth

Tim Boykett tim at timesup.org
Wed Nov 28 23:03:54 CET 2007

Thank you Koray.

I can confirm that one needs only change the value 57600 to 115200 in  
firmata code (to be uploaded to the Arduino board) and in the
arduino.pd abstraction.

For those who find this later and want to make it work:
I suggest making new copies of each of these things if you start to play
with them, called e.g. arduinoBT-test.pd that uses arduinoBT.pd and
the firmware PdBT_firmware.pde (In a new directory
called PdBT_firmware for the Arduino to be happy). Just to help
remove the chance of confusion when you go back to the USB version.

the firmware PdBT_firmware.pde is opened and only one instance
of 57600 needs to be changed.
same in the ardionoBT.pd patch.


Thanks to all who made the software so easy to use....


On 28/11/2007, at 8:19 PM, Koray Tahiroglu wrote:

> hello Tim,
> Pduino (http://at.or.at/hans/pd/Pduino-0.3.1.zip) works fine with  
> ArduinoBT for analog sensors, you need to change baud rate to  
> 115200 both in firmware and also in [comport]'s initial value.
> for ultrasound and accelerator sensors, pulse problem can be solved  
> by increasing the delay time in the arduino codes, however this is  
> not a stable solution. Sometimes it doesn't work at all. Seems like  
> digital sensors + ArduinoBT+PD needs another solution.
> anyone has any experience with digital sensors + ArduinoBT+PD ?
> Koray.
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>> I found that there were some people interested in getting Bluetooth
>> Arduinos
>> working with PD a few months ago. Anyone care to share the results of
>> their experiments? We are currently looking at it and having no luck
>> what so ever. There seem to be no online suggestions as to what our
>> nonsuccess might be related to...
>> cheers,
>> tim

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