[PD] [psql] object hand-holding

Thomas Grill gr at grrrr.org
Mon Dec 10 00:15:40 CET 2007

Mike McGonagle schrieb:
> One of the things that I have heard mention is that it would be nice 
> to have flext as part of the Extended build. That would be a good 
> thing, as we could take advantage of all the externals that use flext, 
> without having to compile them ourselves. Also, it is not part of the 
> Plain Vanilla PD, so that makes it suspect to forcing the user to 
> integrate it themselves.
I know and it has been on my todo list for a long time. The point is 
that it hasn't made it to the top of this list since i don't need it.
On the other hand it doesn't seem so important in general that any other 
person has cared to do it although i consider it a trivial task and i 
offered my support for any questions that might arise.

> Could you point out where in the source for flext that allows the 
> inclusion of lists to a 'cold' inlet, and that allows the use of 
> arbitrary selectors?
I'm not sure if the flext code is easy to read because it handles Max 
and PD in the same file, but it is in flout.cpp (method 
flext_base::InitInlets ) and flproxy.cpp.
There must be other externals using proxy inlets, probably zexy or other 
iem-based stuff.


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