[PD] windows latency down to 15 milliseconds

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Fri Dec 14 06:45:55 CET 2007

asio4all is certainly a nifty program.

I'd like to share a story regarding this application I thought was

A few months ago I purchased a MIDI controller by Alesis which came with
a soft synth. As far as I know, most soft synths have pages in their
manual explaining methods of reducing latency on your sound card.
Adjust this buffer, increase value if choppy cause you've gone too far,
else just give up and go for a better card... ya-di-ya...

Same with this Alsis product? No...
The manual just noted links to asio4all as a solution.

This application (at least the version I have installed) has extremely
political messages in its GUI. I hope it does not effect consumers
impressions towards Alesis.

David Shimamoto

> I was using my old laptop running xubuntu for a while because the latency
> time of running pd on windows. My newer Gateway laptop has poor performance
> with the sound card in Linux, so I have to run windows on it. Before, the
> lowest I could get it the latency without pops was 60 milliseconds. This was
> very frustrating, because allot of what I am doing is real-time guitar
> processing and 60 milliseconds is way too slow to use. But I found a way to
> get it much much lower. First by using the asio4all driver
> http://www.asio4all.com/ with built in sound. This makes a huge difference.
> I have tried other asio drivers, but this one performs incredibly with pd. I
> cannot say how it will perform on external cards, but on my built in
> Sigmatel, it works great. Second, by setting windows xp to run pd at
> real-time priority. You do this by right clicking the pd process in windows
> taskmaster and setting it to real time. Doing this I can get the latency as
> low as I had it on Linux, and possibly lower. I haven't tried lower than 15,
> so I'm not sure ;) But I've played for over an hour on windows with no
> glitches or pops, well other than the ones I was making on purpose.
> Justin Robert
> www.justinrobert.com
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