[PD] Pix Film crashing

Patrice Colet pat at mamalala.org
Fri Dec 14 18:13:37 CET 2007

Donal Carey a écrit :
> Hi All
> I'm using a combination of *coll *and *makefilename* in order to output 
> a list of quicktime clips to *pix_film*. I'm using *coll* to load a list 
> of 4 clips and then outputting them through *makefilename *into 
> *pix_film, *the first clip loads in fine and it play's, however, when I 
> hit the /next/ message on *coll *to output the second clip filename, 
> nothing happens. I am getting no error message in the pd window, it just 
> says that the second clip has been loaded with no errors, but I cannot 
> play back the clip in the GEM window. When I try to load in the third 
> clip PD crashes out (constantly). The clips are all quite small (under 
> 2mb) so my question is, do I need to reset *pix_film* in some way after 
> each clip has finished playing so that it will play the next clip?
> I've attached a screenshot of my patch so you can see what I'm doing.
> Thanks and regards
> Donal

  I'm not a gem expert but I think I've seen this bug, it might not come 
from pix_film, but from file loading in Gem, if I'm right, loading your 
patch and the video in the same directory should not crash. Using the 
last Gem binary snapshot or compiling it yourself might also resolve the 

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