[PD] Granular Synthesis Study

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Sat Dec 15 12:08:19 CET 2007

U??ur Güney hat gesagt: // U??ur Güney wrote:

> # Recently I heard the name of Gabor, a phyisict who had applied the idea of
> quanta in acoustics. I didn't read any of his papers but as I understand
> what I read about him, he tried to set the mathematical basis of producing
> any sound from "tiny sound particles". And today this idea is called
> "granular synthesis". There is a book about it "Microsound" by Curtis Roads.
> I will look at the book and investigate the idea further.
> # Here, I'm attaching some patches about the subject which I studied this
> morning and want to share with you :-). there is a unit generator which
> produces sinusoidal oscillations enveloped with gaussian distribution curve.
> (kleineWelle.pd) The output is a small wave packet. (you can also look at
> kleineWelle-help.pd) metroWelle, produces periodic wave packets. [metroWelle
> length_of_wave_packet freq_of_osc period] granulator.pd is the main patch
> and the area for free study. You can add more metroWelle's and listen to
> their sum.

Some hints: For granular synthesis you definitely want to avoid line~
and use vline~ instead. Alternative approaches could be made with
phasor~ and samphold~. The Vosim patch I posted recently is also a
granular technique. In Vosim, the waveform is a squared sin, the
envelope is a exponentiall falling step function for each sin^2 peak,
but you could change that of course to produce different waveforms and
envelopes, just replace the cos~ stuff with tabread4~s and scale the
phasors accordingly. (tabread4~ would be faster in your patch as a
replacmenent for expr~, too)

And yes, you need many copies of each, so something like [polypoly~]
or [nqpoly4] will help.

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