[PD] pdpedia Images

Georg Werner georg at fricklr.de
Thu Dec 20 00:23:33 CET 2007

> in general, I think it is a good idea to use screenshots, but keep in 
> mind, that the text in the images is not searchable and therefore kind 
> of duplicates the information of the wikipage.
> maybe it would be better to include only the parts of the patch that 
> cannot be easily explained by text.
got it. but the texts are often not meanigfull right now - without the

> and there is also the possibility to include images in the infobox
> insert a line like
> | example_image          = [[Image:Makefile.png]]
> and the image should show up in the box.
i can place the images there - has pdpedia an automatic thumbnail 
generation like wikipedia?

> Georg Werner wrote:
>> hi,
>> thanks, i didn't know that this is a problem.
>> I updated the makenote page. could you take a look on it and tell me 
>> if this is the right direction i'm going? (if this is the case, i 
>> would continue to upload screenshots - but i don't want it to be of no 
>> avail)
>> georg
>> marius schebella:
>>> maybe this is related to the small cap first letter. which is buggy 
>>> in wiki.
>>> I uploaded your image as Makenote2.png and that seems to work.
>>> Do you want to try it again?
>>> marius.
>>> Georg Werner wrote:
>>>> hi,
>>>> i uploaded it to the mediapool:
>>>> https://wiki.puredata.info/mediapool/Special:Imagelist
>>>> the name is "makenote.png", no tilde etc. (for tilde one could use - 
>>>> instead [inside of filenames]?)
>>>> with "makefile.png / en" i meant:
>>>> https://wiki.puredata.info/en/makenote
>>>> georg
>>>> marius schebella:
>>>>> hi,
>>>>> I'm not seeing your file. did you upload it to the mediapool? I 
>>>>> know that there are problems with special characters. for example 
>>>>> tilde (~) is afaik not working. (so that would be great to fix, 
>>>>> seems to be a major wiki issue). but besides that image upload 
>>>>> should work.
>>>>> the image upload for the individual languages is turned off, to 
>>>>> make all images accessible in all languages. maybe that is what you 
>>>>> mean with makefile.png / en?
>>>>> marius.
>>>>> Georg Werner wrote:
>>>>>> hi,
>>>>>> i'm wondering why the image-upload in pdpedia isn't working. if the
>>>>>> description consists of the comments in the help-patches anyway,
>>>>>> screenshots would be much more readable. I uploaded one file, but
>>>>>> couldn't get it to be displayed (makefile.png / en). Is there 
>>>>>> anything i
>>>>>> could help with (perl/php etc.)?
>>>>>> georg
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