[PD] GEM : GLSL Mixer - working 2 channel video mixer example

Max Neupert abonnements at revolwear.com
Wed Dec 26 01:07:10 CET 2007

Am 26.12.2007 um 00:06 schrieb Claude Heiland-Allen:

> cyrille henry wrote:
>> i think gem sheduling is just like using a metro with jitter.
>> (but no qmetro)
> In my experience Gem scheduling is exactly in sync with Pd's (logical)
> clock, measured with [timer] I always get 40ms when running at 48000Hz
> audio, 25fps gemwin, with 60fps screen refresh rate.

yes its in sync with the logical clock, see the patch i posted.
but realtime gives an enormous jitter and lag so the logical time  
gets off pretty fast compared to it.


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