[PD] [PD-announce] Pd 0.41 test 10 released

Jerome Tuncer columbiatwo at free.fr
Fri Dec 28 21:29:05 CET 2007


Maybe pd's on its way to a lower latency audio-processing tool then ?

I remember an old thread in which Tim used to say that, as it is, pd is 
by design not very a efficient real-time piece of software. IMHO, this 
is quite satisfying but if it could get better... wow.

Thank you all for keeping up with the good work !



Thomas Grill a écrit :
> Am 28.12.2007 um 20:15 schrieb Jerome Tuncer:
>> Out of curiosity, whats is callback scheduling ? (:
> It means that DSP processing is done directly in the audio driver 
> callback without using a separate ringbuffer in PD. This allows for much 
> lower audio latencies.
> gr~~~

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