[PD] Text entry in PDa on the N800

geiger at xdv.org geiger at xdv.org
Thu Jan 3 13:12:50 CET 2008

Hi Spencer,

Text entry on the N700 and N800 devices themselves is not possible, because
of the the way the virtual keyboard is used. I suggest to create your patches
on a "normal" computer (with linux preferrably, PDa compiles just fine on
a standard linux box) and then transfer them to the device if you want to
use them. Patching on handheld devices is a PITA anyway ...


Quoting Spencer Russell <spencer.f.russell at gmail.com>:

> Hey Guenter and list,
> I just got a nokia N800 handheld internet tablet, and of course the
> first order of business is to get PD running on it! The package
> installed without a hitch, and i can run it just fine. I'm stuck on
> how to enter any text, though. I know it would be silly to do much
> patching on the device itself, but it would be a nice option to have.
> any ideas?
> thanks,
> spencer

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