[PD] poor performance when saving an abstraction when many copies are loaded in a patch

Thomas Grill gr at grrrr.org
Thu Jan 10 11:44:32 CET 2008

this is because PD maintains it's internal structures using linked lists 
which gives a very bad behavior with many structure items.
It has been discussed on the list a couple of times, but there's no 
solution at hand.
You could try to arrange your load of abstractions in subpatchers, with 
only a few items in each of them.
Take the square root of your anticipated total number of abstractions. 
This gives you the ideal number of sub-patchers as well as the ideal 
number of abstractions in each of those.


hard off schrieb:
> something that is really slowing down my work recently:
> in some patches i need to have hundreds of copies of the same
> abstraction.  to save just one copy of the abstraction would only take
> a fraction of a second, but when i have many hundreds of copies, pd is
> really stumbling to get these abstractions all renewed to the new
> saved version.  it seems to be some kind of bottleneck situation,
> where the time taken to re-initialize these abstractions together is
> much longer than it would be to initialize them all seperately.
> in some cases it gets so bad that the only option i have is to close
> my master patch, open up a single version of the abstraction needed,
> edit and save it, and then re-open the master patch.  kinda messy
> workaround though.
> is this a known flaw?  are there any good workarounds?
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