[PD] poor performance when saving an abstraction when many copies are loaded in a patch

Derek Holzer derek at umatic.nl
Thu Jan 10 14:19:19 CET 2008

Hi Matteo,

matteo sisti sette wrote:
>> Otherwise, think about converting some of the abstractions to subpatches
> Please don't interprete what I'm gonna say as sarchastic or offensive
> to whom wrote the above sentence (which however has been suggested by
> more than one person). Just take it as a general and (hopefully)
> constructive discussion about PD issues...

No offense taken. But since I have neither skills nor time to get 
involved in PD development, I have to stay focused on certain things. 
For me, these are using PD for live performance, and trying to explain 
to new PD users how to get things done. If other people have time, 
energy and skills to tinker under the hood, that's fine for me too. But 
the response "if you don't like it, fix it yourself!" really doesn't 
work in all situations. Not for newbies who come to PD as their first 
and only programming language (as I did years ago), and not for me with 
no time to take on any more projects nor C/C++ know-how to make a 
significant contribution. So I focus on work-around strategies for all 
of PD's innumerable inconsistencies and idiosyncrasies. Whether that's 
proper, or "good programming" in the general sense I don't know, since I 
rarely if ever compare PD to any other language. But it's "good 
programming" in the PD sense, which is the only one that matters to me 
right now.


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