[PD] live coding, [was: Re: paranoid pd]

info at timvets.net info at timvets.net
Sat Jan 26 20:55:34 CET 2008

>>>> 1) Think in a live situation, you want to close a sub patch but you
>>> accidentally close the main patch.. DISASTROUS! :-)
>>> Do you actually _have_ to handle closing and opening patcher windows
>>> doing a live performance ?
>>> I think your setup and/or patch should make that unnecessary (or
>>> automatic...).
>> True, but can you really be sure of everything once you're onstage???
> Livecoding
speaking of which; yes this has become quite common I guess,
I havent seen many examples yet around here though.
Are many people doing this with pd ?
Is there an audience for it, or is it just pd-geeks who enjoy it? (not
that thát's not an audience ofcourse :) )
Do you start from zero, or do you open an existing patch and start
modifying that ?
do you restrict yourself to 'basic' objects, or do you use alot of
abstractions (so the audience doesn't really see things being built-up
from zero)?


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