[PD] New on ubuntu: where to go now

PSPunch shima at pspunch.com
Mon Feb 4 05:59:31 CET 2008


I mainly use Ubuntu Studio 7.10 myself and figured I
might have something to share.

Debian/testing and Ubuntu Gutsy (Intel i386 processor)
installs fine.

Download it from,

it is the 3rd on the list.

With Ubuntu 7.10, just double click on the downloaded file
and the system will do the rest of the installation.

When launching PD, I recall the console claiming that
certain libraries were missing.
You can use "Synaptic package manager" from the pull-down
menu to search and install packages with associating names.

One of them requiring and extra step I think was the "jasper"
In addition to installing it, I had to manually create a
symbolic link so that the file PD-extended searches for exists.

(However, this procedure maybe unnecessary until you use
whatever external calls for this library)

There were some discussions on this list that the non-RT
kernal seemed to have better performance under 7.10

I have not confirmed it myself but it may come in handy
to have both RT and non-RT kernals installed.
When you have both of them, you can simply choose which
to use on each startup.

Other personal thoughts..

I wanted to stay with Debian, but am currently using
Ubuntu 7.10. While making my setup, I also had the goal to deside
which is currently the easiest Linux distro for beginning PD (and
Linux) users to work on.

There were mainly two issues that made things difficult with Debian.

- FreeBOB not included in current stable release.
   (Or did not recognize my Edirol FA-66)

- Too much hassle to get an RT ready kernal prepared.

If you do plan to use Supercollider on Linux, it is likely you
may have to study Emacs. The default environment to run Supercollider
is provided in the form of an Emacs template.

I think it is worth learning basic commands of the "vi" text editor.
Practicing only the following 10 commands (and making it a habit to editing
text in vi) may take you miles further in Linux world.
a, i, o, dd, yy, p, :w, :q, :q!, :wq!

David Shimamoto

> Hi,
> I'm, again, going to try to step into linux world, and see if I can do  
> something more useful with it than visiting webforums this time.
> I wanted to ask if someone had any tips for the following configuration to  
> work with Pd (both vanilla and extended), and maybe later also  
> supercollider, both only for audio:
> - ibm thinkpad r51
> - Ubuntu 7.10
> - rme multiface
> - intuos3 tablet
> - arduino board (old model)
> Any hints useful for these specs? Are there any guides worth visiting?  
> Which repositories should I be checking? How to get -1ms latency? Does  
> Ubuntu studio makes a difference? Why is jack so complicated to start? Is  
> ardour already working? (last time I saw it in the school's studio, the  
> only way to have a session open for a long time was not to touch it) ...  
> ... . .  .
> I'm not a beginner with computers, but I'm not yet very at ease in unix  
> console, because quite soon it gets very frustrating - although I would  
> like to learn, but don't have time to be spending on man pages. And I  
> don't do emacs, or won't go straight to debian.
> Thanks for your help,
> João Pais

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