[PD] gemhead render argument

altern altern2 at gmail.com
Wed Apr 2 22:03:49 CEST 2008


i am getting different behaviours with same GEM patch under linux and
windows. The patch is rendering a webcam image with pix_video and then a
basic rectangle with no texture on top of the webcam (using pix_blob to
analyse the camera and move the rectangle around). Each has its own
gemhead and they are separated in different abstractions.

While in windows all is rendered fine, linux does not like it the
rectangle was rendered but the webcam image wasnt. The only way to get
it to work was to put some render argument of the rectangle like 2. So I
decided to set that value to $0 on loadbang, this should give different
numbers to each instance of the abstractions. (Note that i dont have a
clue if this is bad idea). Both the camera image and the rectagle are
included in abstractions.

The result was kind of ok, now linux was more happy with it but still
sometimes the webcam image goes off again. This happens for example when
I move the gem window or after ~10 to ~20 secs. Also if i open a PD

When I switch rendering off on the rectangle's gemhead and then the
webcam goes live again... When I switch on the rectangle it takes some
secs to go off again... If I dont turn on the rectangle the webcam stays

The webcam gemhead gets set to 1004 and the rectangle to 1005 from the
$0 arg of the abstractions they live in.

I guess this must be some problem with having two gemheads but i am not
sure why this problem is not happening at all under windows, so it looks
like a linux issue. Anything i can do to avoid this problem?

Sorry if the explanation is not very clear...



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