[PD] clear sounding patches

punchik punchik punchikk at yahoo.com
Sun Apr 13 10:54:43 CEST 2008

hello,  i  been working on supercollider and csound some years ago, and i can really notice pd sounds quality is not as good as them.  
  i was thinking to  rewrite my old pd patches...
  because i dont like the sound quality.
  i read before at this list that pd quality depends of a lot of factors....i think it object has a diferent algorithm that defines its quality...
  i compared and sine oscillater on supercollider and pd  and pds one sounds poor.
  i was thinking maybe i can change the object that sound not as good in pd, for example using csoundapi~ for creating a sinosc ... and so on.... so i dont need to rewrite the all patch in supercollider.
  i would like to know which objects has the very sound quality in pd, maybe some somebody has any experiency with something similar to share?
  i never tried csoundapi but .... 
  can i change all the pds objects like bp, or hp , sin, saw, etc  with csoundapi~ and its respective code in csound, maybe there are good sounding libraries of object that does the same as pds native objects?
  any idea?
  and sorry for the question im stooned

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