[PD] PD on Xebian ala XBOX

chr0n1c opc_inc_fu at hotmail.com
Thu Apr 24 03:58:22 CEST 2008

has anyone else ever tried this?  (old) xbox - softmod - xebian HD install with fluxbox - tweak around add minor utils then apt-get puredata?  well i just did just that last night and i'd like to report it starting up, i wasn't really able to play around much since i had to well, uh, sleep... anyways i googled "xebian puredata" and didn't come up with much.  i'd be more keen on experimenting more with it if someone thinks i can get it running on a 733mhz celly with 64 mb of ram a loopback filesystem running xebian and fluxbox @800x600 scrren res... i know that were pushing the limits of the xbox just gettin a full on distro with X running...  but... maybe?

-- chr0n1c
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