[PD] SQL->Python->puredata (text encode?)

ths ths_otra at yahoo.fr
Thu May 8 21:32:11 CEST 2008

Hi List !

I make a patch how receive text from a python script by OSC (python read 
a DB with MySQLdb). Pd receive text from python but when i put special 
chars (é^ ... etc), it says to me: "Type tag said this arg is a string 
but it's not!"
PD accept UNICODE, ASCII, ... UTF-8 ?

I have no ideas where they come from...

thanks very for your help and your council !



ps: with object [SHELL], no problemo !!! but i can use it .... i put my 
patch ... but it's very simple but why not ? ;-)

/// my english is soooo good; i know ! .... but i'm french ;-)
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