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Jamie Bullock hat gesagt: // Jamie Bullock wrote:

> On Thu, 2008-06-05 at 19:22 +0200, Luigi Rensinghoff wrote:
> > Hi
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> > what about vd~ ?? Is it not what you are looking for ? 
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> > Or is "non-transposing-delay" any kind of special term i dont know
> > of ??
> By 'non-transposing' I mean that the pitch of the delayed signal doesn't
> get changed as a byproduct of the dynamic change in delay time.

You always get a Doppler effect transposition if you continously
change the delay time. For example see the "Momentary Transposition
Formula for delay lines" in:

Delays behave exactly as wavetable lookup sample players (or vinyl
records in DJing) in this regard. A way out is to change the delay
times non-continously with (windowed) "jumps" as in your vdb~ (or to
lift the needle off the vinyl record and put it dowan at a different
position in the groove instead of ac/decelerating the record to get
there, which will always transpose).

> Anyhow, I managed to work something out by porting vdb~ from the Max/MSP
> ejies library. See attached.

Btw: Eric Lyon's externals collection "LyonPotpourri" also contains
a vdb~ for Pd, but I think it's a slightly different object.

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