[PD] Non-transposing delay

Enrique Erne enrique at netpd.org
Fri Jun 6 11:20:41 CEST 2008

Jamie Bullock wrote:
> On Thu, 2008-06-05 at 19:22 +0200, Luigi Rensinghoff wrote:
>> Hi
>> what about vd~ ?? Is it not what you are looking for ? 
>> Or is "non-transposing-delay" any kind of special term i dont know
>> of ??
> By 'non-transposing' I mean that the pitch of the delayed signal doesn't
> get changed as a byproduct of the dynamic change in delay time.
> Anyhow, I managed to work something out by porting vdb~ from the Max/MSP
> ejies library. See attached.
> best,
> Jamie

Hi Jamie

Nice vdb~, it would be nice to get rid of the clicks with crossfading 
two or mutliple delays as andy mentioned.

attached is an other delay. it tries to get rid of the click with a 
short 8ms envelope while changing the delaytime.


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