[PD] Real Time Kernel Debian

Ede Cameron ecameron at videotron.ca
Tue Jul 15 02:29:38 CEST 2008

  Okay after my third attempt and second complete re-install.. does  
any-one have links, suggestions about installing a real time kernel.  
I think my main problems are with " make oldconfig " I can't find the  
original ".conf file to back it up or copy it to the new kernel  
package. If my install is fresh would I have one? One site suggests  
downloading the .conf file for my kernel version and copying it into  
the new kernel package. I have now seen that with ncurses menuconfig  
I can just use .conf file at that point. Problem with all these Linux  
Debian How To's there seems to be numerous ways to achieve the same  
result. I realize that a lot of Pd linux users must have installed a  
rt kernel and am hoping to find a good ie its worked for some one  
link to a how to...
    My next problem comes during " make-dpkg -i " This seemed to only  
last a second seems to me it would be a longer process? I do however  
get a " kernel-version .rt " in " /boot " but I am not sure how to  
edit yaboot.conf to add it to initial boot.
    On my last attempt it did boot into the rt kernel but the kernel  
didn't load. "kernel panic" message saying

  "   FS: Cannot open root device "hdb1" or unknown block (0,0)
     kernel panic: not syncing: unable to mount root fs on unknown- 
block(0,0) "

    I don't really understand doesn't the kernel become part of my  
original Debian install? ie there is no repartitioning of the hard- 
drive its just an alternate install. I am assuming this is some  
problem with yaboot.conf?
    Any help would be appreciated
      Dual boot mac Os X Debian/  ppc powerbook g4
  Any useful links would be great
  I used these:
   http://forums.debian.net/viewtopic.php?t=17035     (suggested make- 
dpkg command didn't work)
   plus a bunch more but these were the main ones.

  Thanks Ede

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