[PD] Lua and PD : couldn't create

IOhannes m zmoelnig zmoelnig at iem.at
Mon Jul 21 17:44:32 CEST 2008

Jack wrote:
> Hello Claude,
> I have installed today lua with Pd on MacOSX.4.11 and all is OK (I  
> just change 'wget' to 'curl -O' in the 'Makefile.static' because i  
> use curl).
> The patch 'lua-help.pd' works fine, when I click on the message [load  
> hello.lua(, i get from the console : 'Hello, you!'.
> The object [hello] works fine : when i put it in a new patch i get :  
> 'Hello, world!' and when i close the patch or remove this object i  
> get : 'Bye bye, world!'.
> Now my problem :
> i have duplicated the file 'hello.pd_lua' in the 'lua' folder and  
> renamed it 'testjack.pd_lua'.
> Now, when i restart Pd and create a new patch and put a new object  
> [testjack], after 10 seconds Pd output :
> error: maximum object loading depth 1000 reached
>   testjack
> ... couldn't create
> Any idea about this problem.
> Thanx.

the 1000 iterations (resulting in the 10secs wait) originate from a 
patch of mine; if it wasn't there, you would get an immediate failure of 
"couldn't create".

the obvious question is: did you load pdlua?
more questions are:
did you try "hello-help"?
did pdlua register the sys_loader for lua?
did you modify your testjack.pd_lua in order to register the class 
"testjack" rather than the class "hello"?
what happens when running with "-verbose"?

finally: the lua-help.pd does not use the hello.pd_lua at all, but 
rather hello.lua which is a completely different file (though the name 
is similar)


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