[PD] MIDI clkin and realtimein

Luigi Rensinghoff soundgigi at freenet.de
Thu Aug 14 22:21:59 CEST 2008

Hi Dear List and Listers......

for the first time i do more with MIDI

i checked some posts in the archive, but they are quite old...

The Problem: I would like to sync PD to an incoming MIDI-Clock, and  
the best would be to route it through PD to the MIDI-Equipment ...

Is that possible on OS X ???

It seems [midiclkin] is working somehow but .. after measuring the  
time between incoming beats and converting it to bpm it is not quite  

and i dont know how to send it to the output. I guess using somekind  
of external program that does the midi- patching is the choice...  
(Any Idea ?)

Or are there any midi related objects, that are not in pd-extended,  
but compile on OS X, by now ??

midirealtimein...does still not work on OS X, right ??



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