[PD] pd and IFS

Claude Heiland-Allen claudiusmaximus at goto10.org
Fri Aug 15 00:43:16 CEST 2008

chi ball wrote:
> Hi,
> is there a patch using Iterated Function Systems (IFS) ?

You want to implement an IFS in Pd?

I think that's a bad idea (unless you want it to be very slow, passing 
messages between different objects is not something you want to do 
100000+ times per frame).

Having said that, I did try it, but didn't have much luck: I did 
something like:

[t a a a]
[GEMglEnd] [repeat 10000] [GEMglBegin]\[glDefine GL_POINTS]

but I got GL errors and no image, can't remember the exact message now 

On the other hand, you can do some fun things with texture feedback 
quite efficiently:



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