[PD] [ot] managing distributed development

Thomas Grill gr at grrrr.org
Thu Aug 21 06:06:08 CEST 2008

> the question for me is, why is it so much more important today to point
out that development is
> never done by one single individuum but is a process that includes a lot
of people adding and
> evaluating thousands of tiny and comprehensive steps?

While this seems to be common sense and only logical for us developers and
users of open source software, it is not so much for economists and
old-style companies producing traditional goods or services. I had to
learn this (to my own surprise) when i got to know more people in this
field. The researchers in fields of open and distributed innovation are
very interested in the mechanisms of OS development and the incentives of
the developers to transfer them to traditional markets.
It makes little sense when i try to write about that, but more to read the
original literature, e.g. the best-selling "democratizing innovation" (
http://web.mit.edu/evhippel/www/democ1.htm ).
It might be interesting to know that the LEGO company of Denmark survived
because of overcoming old marketing schemes and actively supporting
user/open innovation strategies (with the LEGO mindstorm community).


Thomas Grill

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