[PD] live distro with pd extended

aymeric mansoux aym3ric at goto10.org
Sun Oct 19 21:57:26 CEST 2008

Hey Hans,

> > first check, what frank suggested. then, if you still are missing
> > something, you could try to simply copy the missing libraries from a
> > pd-extended archive's /extra do the <pd-install>/extra on your
> > pure:dyne.
> Or even better, just copy the whole folders, then the namespace  
> prefixes and library loading can work too.  If not, you can do  
> [declare -path] (right? or that broken).
> Ideally, pure:dyne would use the same library layout as Pd-extended  
> so that patches will be compatible.  We talked about it in the past.   
> Otherwise, we get yet another distro/file layout working against us  
> to the struggle for broadly compatible patches.

that sounds very dramatic ;)

We did switch to this layout a while ago, indeed after some talks
around this issue, the only difference is that we use Pd vanilla and we
package externals separately and we make everything possible to have
100% conform Debian packages. We start to have a pretty good collection

pd-abstractions - A collection of Puredata abstractions
pd-arduino - arduino firmware for puredata
pd-bassemu - bassemu for Pd
pd-comport - comport - PD External for the serial Ports
pd-container - C++ STL containers for Pd
pd-creb - an extension library for Pd
pd-cxc - cxc externals for Pd
pd-dynext - dynamic object management for PD
pd-flext - flext for Pure Data
pd-gem2pdp - bridge between Gem and PDP externals for Pd
pd-gem - Graphics Environment for Multimedia, for Pd
pd-gem-source - Graphics Environment for Multimedia, for Pd, sources
pd-ggee - externals collection for Pd
pd-gridflow - multi-dimensional dataflow processing for Pd
pd-hid - hid library for Pd
pd-iemlib - iemlib for Pure Data
pd-iemmatrix - matrix processing library from IEM, for Pd
pd-libstdcpp - Pd library to link libstdc++
pd-lyonpotpourri - The Pd external collection from Eric Lyon.
pd-mapping - pd mapping external
pd-maxlib - general, analysis and composition objects for Pd
pd-mixed - Pd externals from miXed
pd-motex - motex externals for pd
pd-mrpeach - Pd externals from mrpeach
pd-msd - msd library for Pd
pd-oscbank - oscbank~ external for Pd
pd-osc - OSC for Pure Data
pd-pdlua - a Lua embedding for Pd
pd-pdp - a packet processing library for pure data
pd-pdp-opencv - OpenCV bindings for Pd via PDP
pd-pidip - additional video objects for PDP for puredata
pd-pix-opencv - OpenCV bindings for Pd via GEM
pd-pool - a hierarchical storage object for PD
pd-py - py/pyext - python script objects for PD
pd-sigpack - signal object library for Pd
pd-unauthorized - Unauthorized Externals for Pd
pd-vasp - vasp for Pd
pd-vbap - vbap for Pd
pd-xsample - xsample library for Pd
pd-zexy - Addon library for Pd

Anyone who wants to try:

deb http://debian.goto10.org/debian/ lenny main contrib non-free
deb-src http://debian.goto10.org/debian/ lenny main contrib non-free

Help and suggestions always welcome!

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