[PD] pd <--> maxmsp compatibility

João Pais jmmmpais at googlemail.com
Fri Oct 31 19:09:31 CET 2008

Hallo Volker (seit Szombatehly),

> i guess that the most recent pd-extended version from http://
> puredata.info/downloads is what i should tell them to use in order to
> get the most similar setup between max and pd, right?
> are there any special "max<-->pd libraries" i should look out for?

there's the cyclone library, which is a very good effort on making max  
objects available on pd-Ext. besides that and the core objects, not too  
much available, afaik.

careful with mistake number 1: in Pd all objects are made for floats.  
almost only [i] is for ints.

> very often i find myself sitting infront of a pretty trivial patching
> problem, but i just can't find the right objects names in pd.
> what could i try  to find objects that perform a similar/same task as
> their max cousins, but obviously have a different name (e.g. split <--
>  > moses)?
> is there some documentation about that?

I don't know if there's a page just for that (just searched  
www.puredata.info and found nothing). there's lots of correspondence on  
the list, if you want to sort it out - or anyone with a better mind can  
tell you more details.

this might be useful for you: I've made better versions of the  
documentation files (afaik, the more complete there are). One of them, the  
0.Intro.txt file, you can get at http://puredata.info/Members/jmmmp. That  
was done some years ago, before Pd-ext existed (but many externals already  
I'm trying to do another one, with the latest version of pd-ext. It's  
still incomplete, but you can see if it helps something. it's attached.

> and another one:
> i was looking for an "uzi" object in pd. after a lot of trial and
> error i found "kalashnikov". ok, fine.
> after looking at kalashnikov help, i found that there *is* a "uzi"
> for pd - but i can't instanciate the object, if i haven't loaded
> kalashnikov at least once before.
> so: starting pd, new patcher, new object, uzi --> couln'd create
> but: starting pd, new patcher, new object, kalashnikov, new object,
> uzi -- does work.
> what might be causing this?
> (mac ppc, 10.4.11, pd extended 0.39.3)

simple: if you go to extra/ext13 (folder where this external is, check it  
by opening the help file or doing a search on your disk), you see there's  
no uzi.[whatever] file, but just kalashnikov.[???] [in windows, these  
files are **.dll, don't know the endings in unix]. That means that to open  
this object, you must do kalashnikov first; only after is the namespace  
uzi in memory. You might see who did the ext13 externals and speak with  
him, it's the best way to have it corrected.

> i've tried pd-extended 0.40.3 form this site http://puredata.info/
> downloads
> when i launch this, i get a lot of errors:
> cyclone: can't load library
> zexy: can't load library
> creb: can't load library
> cxc: can't load library
> ...
> do i need to reset some preferences?

I can't advise on macs, but did you check the file->path menu? or mac guys  
could say where these settings are kept.
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