[PD] pix_freeframe - multiple outlets possible?

Martin Schied crinimal at gmx.net
Thu Nov 13 10:19:57 CET 2008

Hey again,

I'm doing some experiments on artoolkit in different host software. 
After not getting pix_artoolkit compiling until know (anybody out there 
with a running setup?) I wanted to try a freeframe plugin that handles 
tracking. Originally it's written for vvvv: 

In vvvv it's working quite well, but preferring open source software I'd 
like to have it working in pd too. Creating pix_freeframe with that 
plugin is working (at least it shows some information about the argument 
inlets in debug output), but it has only one single outlet (in vvvv it 
has additional outlets, which output the tracking data). So my question 
here: is that plugin incompatible with pix_freeframe or will it use that 
single output for everything? Because of an other Problem I got into 
(other Topic), I can't test it by looking at the output yet, there's 
only gemlist.

 From what I read about pix_freeframe it only has one outlet - but 
perhaps it would be possible to modify pix_freeframe? Or take code from 
it for another external (I know, that's easy to say but lots of work, 
I'll try it on my own after learning some more c++ stuff)

Sorry for writing too much...


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