[PD] Pd, Arduino, and Multiple LED's == Installation?

Kyle Klipowicz kyleklip at gmail.com
Fri Jan 16 04:10:23 CET 2009

Thanks so much everyone for your prompt replies!

This is going to be a quick job, the opening is the 2nd Friday of February.
It's a group project and many in the group are hesitant to use LED's. The
requirement is to have it be task lighting but also low-light. The gallery
is not huge, I'd say about 1000-1500 square feet.

Could this be accomplished with LED's? How many should I use. Also, are
there any other ways of doing this, using lighting other than LED?

Thanks so much for your replies, I'm a newbie at lighting-design so I'm a
bit nervous about coming through with an elegant solution for this project!

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