[PD] iem_bin_ambi on OSX ... missing objects

e deleflie edeleflie at gmail.com
Thu Jan 29 05:01:53 CET 2009

>> These objects that I cant create come from patches within the
>> WindowsXP distribution that I found here:
>> http://iem.at/Members/noisternig/bin_ambi
>> It's the only example documentation that I can find for how to use the
>> complex iem_bin_ambi and iem_ambi objects. The individual object help
>> patches dont give enough info to be able to use them (at least for my
>> brain).
> afair, Georg Holzmann has done a workshop on 3d-audio at the LAC2007 in
> Berlin; i'm sure he used bin_ambi and might have written up some
> documentation (probably the workshop material can be found somewhere online)

I've found the conference proceedings ...but there's not really any
content for Georg's workshop.

>>>> [spec2*~]
>>>> [spec2+~]
>>>> [spec2-~]
>>> these are part of the iem_spec2 library for efficient operations in rFFT
>>> domain.
>> I've got iem_spec2 loaded up ... but the objects still cant be
>> created. Is there perhaps a dependency ...or maybe the OSX version
>> does not supply these?
> try creating [spec2_mul~], [spec2_add~] and [spec2_sub~] either as
> replacements for the objects above or _before_ loading the patch.

that works. Thankyou.


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