[PD] pd msgs for pd->pd-gui WAS: Why I don't like the new automagic

padovani josepadovani at yahoo.com.br
Thu Jan 29 23:16:43 CET 2009

sorry if it is a stupid quetion... This complete Tcl GUI is complete 
since which Pd version?

Hans-Christoph Steiner escreveu:
> Anyway, what I am currently working on, and have basically working, is  
> making the GUI 100% Tcl.  It is now 100% Tcl, it is just not 100%  
> working yet ;).  It is now (barely) usable and there are now nightly  
> builds of pd-devel-extended.
> About your example, I think that we definitely should address things  
> like that.  But part of the mandate that Miller, you and others have  
> laid out for pd-devel is that it should not change the C code or the  
> current API.  That means your example is definitely not going to  
> happen in this stage of the development.
> That said, it would not be hard to reduce the above commands to  
> succinct messages using Tk's tagging and the "move" command.  Then the  
> selection would tag everything, then you only need a single move  
> command to apply to that tag.  This then could easily be converted to  
> Pd messages.  So it seems to be that this should be a two stage process
> First things first, this pd-devel GUI needs to get included in  
> vanilla, so we need to stick to those guidelines laid out by Miller.   
> And Miller, any feedback that you can offer would be most appreciated.
> .hc


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